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General Chatter / Re: 2 stroke world T shirts- I need a couple...
« Last post by hw9rd350b on Today at 11:33:58 AM »
Since Economy is a sponsor here maybe -- just maybe he could distribute them ????
  Get parts and T shirts..

I need some...
I give my shirt to customers that spend $$$ at the shop- they cost me about $16 a piece, I like the beefey T they last the longest. Blue Cotton is who I get them from- small to large orders, quick shipping.

Turning Wrenches / Seat
« Last post by Tpl on Today at 11:02:19 AM »
Does anyone know if the seat and seat cowl from a 78 or 79 rd400 will fit on a 76 rd400?
Bike Of The Month / Re: BOTM on hold
« Last post by DPR57 on Today at 10:53:21 AM »
I need information on that bike of the month rear wheel ....I would trade all of my extra parts for a cush drive, disc, 19x3 laced wheel
Race Discussions / Re: Changing direction..DS7 build for 2017 Season
« Last post by idr5c on Today at 10:06:00 AM »
Well the 2017 WMRRA season is wrapped up! I raced at Pacific Raceways the first weekend in Sept and it was a great end to the season (ie. did not crash). Both the DS7 and SV650 ran well. I won V250 and got 3rd (podium, woo), 4th, and 5th in my SV races.

A huge thanks to Dane Anar of Who is Dane Photography and Mortgage Lending Group for the race photos. Dane is the man..... also he is crazy (see pics)

One the power out of Turn 10, The Bus Stop

Trying to figure out how to ride the DS7 at Pacific. This was my first time there with this bike.

Didn't manage to stay ahead of Tim O.... Next year maybe!


Krister in hot pursuit

A few laps later

And this is why Dane is crazy

I also had a mechanical issue with the DS7. The barrel end pulled off the front brake cable!!  :aaa:  This happened coming into T3, luckily there is a runoff road available. I shot off the track at 80+mph and got stopped with the rear brake. This cable was one of the EC repro R5 units, so if you are running those I recommend giving them a good stout pull before heading out.

Turning Wrenches / Steel liner in cylinder has moved, oh my
« Last post by MK on Today at 09:59:48 AM »
It's bad enough I'm a 1 in 10,000 that broke a crank  :cry: but now I've noticed my cylinder liner has moved. Not sure when this happened but when I re-ringed it 2 years ago it was ok. Using a feeler gauge, it's about 5-6 thousands. You can see the carbon that formed up there. You can see what's going on in the exhaust port also. I was thinking about carefully pressing it back and "pinning" it.
When I was a machinist we would bore and sleeve worn out Harley cylinders back to standard size. Bore it, press in a sleeve, then drill and tap a small hole in the top between the sleeve and the the casting, Loctite a small screw in there, tighten the screw until it sheared off, then dress it with a file. That would guarantee it wouldn't move.
I don't see that you could do that here, on the top, but I was thinking I could in the transfer port area where there's :( lots of "meat". Not sure how drilling and tapping between aluminum and steel would go. As long as some of the tread caught the steel it should be ok.
Is this another 1 in 10,000 problem with a RD400?  :umm: Any ideas?
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I use 100 LL as a storage fuel for winter and run it in all my small engines and pre-mix stuff. My 1944 Farmall A with 6 foot Woods mower loves it. I have read as written above that it has a shelf life of. 2 years and that's why I use it for storage fuel. My bikes are jetted for and run fine on Shell 93 Unl 10% corn squeezins pump fuel so they are a bit rich especially when it's hot out with the avgas. It does have a nice smell as well...
General Chatter / Re: Front fender Myth or True
« Last post by m in sc on Today at 08:16:39 AM »
if nothing else you need something to act as a fork brace, but trust me, one ride in the unexpected rain or just standing water due to a sprinkler system and you'll regret it, or a dusty gravelly patch on the road.

and yes, it does somewhat help with cooling.
General Chatter / Re: Front fender Myth or True
« Last post by mkane63t on Today at 07:53:52 AM »
   Absolutely true
General Chatter / Front fender Myth or True
« Last post by javadarkroast on Today at 05:40:20 AM »
I heard once that the front fender helps with cooling Air cooled engines, is that True ?, I can't see how but I'm no aerodynamics kind of dude and right now I'm struggling with putting a front fender on my project.
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