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Turning Wrenches / Re: Rd350 revs out of control
« Last post by davedogg on Today at 07:39:07 PM »
My favorite way to stop a 'runaway' motor is to put my hand right on the exhaust. Then a trip to the clinic for pain killers.
Turning Wrenches / Re: Help with Honda MT 125 running bad!
« Last post by rhysbud on Today at 06:44:22 PM »
Thanks for the replies guys. The pipe definitely isn't restricted and is ear drums poppingly loud. Talking to my father the other day and he had one brand new back in the mid 70's but he swapped his top end over to a CR set up for more power. I'd like to do the same but availabilty and cost of those items can't be justified, another option (maybe) is finding some port maps and opening them up to meet the CR specs. Is this possible or does the CR layout differ too much?
Thanks, and of course you're correct, Viton tip.  (In Homer Simpson's best voice):  DOH!!
Haus of Projects / Re: 1986 Honda NS400R Quicky
« Last post by Evans Ward on Today at 04:39:12 PM »
Looking good! Really love those bikes....  :swoon:
Haus of Projects / Re: 1986 Honda NS400R Quicky
« Last post by ubfreakin on Today at 03:50:25 PM »
The quicky is not going so quick, but it is getting there.  I got new tires and polished the cans.  I am going to totally detail the bike when I replace the tires.  I talked to my painter and, although he has had my stuff since Oct. 2016, he assures me it will be done next month.  I made the mistake of telling him I was not in a hurry when I dropped them off. 

Turning Wrenches / Re: Reed valve spacers
« Last post by mkane63t on Today at 03:37:08 PM »
350's need em between the cylinder and the reed, 400's don't.
Turning Wrenches / Re: Combining 2 IC Engines
« Last post by S3 Steve on Today at 03:32:47 PM »
REALITY IS its kinda a waste of time when you can spend a little and get 90 rwhp out of a banshee based motor without it being a mile wide. just .02

i was going to 4 cyl the s2 but decided it was going to be  a waste of time.

How about a 180 rwhp 4 cylinder banshee based motor? :rock:
Yes. I know it would kill the clutch or trans, but it is fun to think about.
Turning Wrenches / Re: Combining 2 IC Engines
« Last post by Mavguy on Today at 02:07:17 PM »
Well a big thank you to all those here who think I can/can't do this.I have experience of rebuilds ,actually I am doing a TZ375/RD350 hybrid right now.maybe my questions came across as a NOOB but experience tells me sometimes these elicit the most amazing answers.will be starting the way what Yammaman said about going for a 3 cylinder crankshaft rather than a 4 cylinder one................doesnt proper balancing and truing iron out problems and there are other such 4 cylinder inline engines with connected cranks ?right?or is it something I missed.................
General Chatter / Re: Different sizes for RD400 titon needle & seat?
« Last post by 202wagon on Today at 12:45:46 PM »
It's the size of the inlet opening, and you want a 2.5 mm for an RD . You could get away with a 2.0 if you absolutely had to.
And I'm guessing you mean Viton tip ?
Turning Wrenches / Re: Help with Honda MT 125 running bad!
« Last post by whyzee79 on Today at 11:45:55 AM »
We had a MT125 around for a long time.  It ran really nice.  The stock carb is a 24mm.  You are two carb sizes up from stock and with no performance mods it is overcarbed.  The ports on this engine are really small.  Suggest you look for a stock carb if you want it to run right.  If you have a CR downpipe on it, I would check the cylinder and see if it is a CR or an MT. A full top end CR swap was a way guys would boost performance back in the day.  The CR porting is almost twice the size and will eat up a bigger carb like a 28mm.  If it was modded, you just might be a little fat on the lower end jetting and just need to screw around with it.  It is a small bore piston port motor so don't expect tons of low end out of it.
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