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May be we can move this thread to turning wrenches am not sure ..
Any clue where does this dark mixure of oil coming from ?

Due to DG doesnt fit very tight at the exhaust even with the springs ? I can see smoke coming from there and around that area splashes of dark oil

Any leaks can cause this ? Engine has been rebuilt twice now with new head and cylinder gaskets ...

Shall I check compression ?

Doubting the REEDS?

Am clueless now as to where to start the troubleshooting now.. how should I take that shit out of engine ...???

First TCI then one CDI which performed well and issue came back .. now i installed MZB ... she started nicely and today again same issue ..

Anybody getting any  idea what can be going on here ?desperately need help !!


Issue remains after changing ignition 3rd time now with mzb also ....Yesterday she was starting took a spin now I tried starting and she's not

Pls check the plugs .... Brand new not even ridden 2 kms and they are wet
General Chatter / Re: MZB - Without battery - Which ones to ground ?
« Last post by Cosmic on Today at 10:11:44 AM »
Snow in Mumbai, LoL

I love slum dog millionaire :-)   :laugh:

Swing-arm: any upgraded aluminum swingarm will be an improvement in rigidity and handling. MC, Trac-Dynamics, DG, etc. Check out “Metmachex” website. They build some amazing stuff too. There’s a gent on here named Bill McIntyre (stuckinthe70’s) who occasionally offers up DG re-pops as he was one of the original fabbers back in the day. I have one of his arms on my 400 and it’s a piece of art.
 Rearsets: Again there’s a wide variety of products out there. I run FFTP rearsets on my 400. They’re a good quality piece. I believe Joe Spooner builds sets and if I were to purchase another set, I would buy from Vintage Smoke. The folding footpeg is attractive to me as you’re not required to heat and reshape the kick start lever.
It’s up to you to research and find what fits your build and “style”.
Good luck and post pics as you go!
Haus of Projects / Re: 77 RD400 restomod
« Last post by Seizer on Today at 09:56:07 AM »
Coming along nicely. The blue contrasts with the gold perfectly.
Haus of Projects / Re: 77 RD400 restomod
« Last post by seadoodr. on Today at 09:33:02 AM »
Sat the tank and seat on it just to get a idea what it will look like.
Haus of Projects / Re: 77 RD400 restomod
« Last post by seadoodr. on Today at 09:29:55 AM »
A little more progress made, forks installed as well as swingarm.
General Chatter / Re: Gday, New owner and a YR2
« Last post by boredinballard on Today at 09:23:48 AM »
Hey mate, just a quick question on the timing. I've a Clymer manual that recommends 2.1mm btdc, but you recommend 1.8-2.0mm btdc. Is the Clymer wrong as usual :lol:

I believe the Clymer manual is actually close to correct, I don't recall off the top of my head but the stock spec is somewhere in that area. I know that most run closer to 1.8, and the mechanic that timed mine did 1.7. He used to race 2 strokes back in the day and that is what their spec tended to be.
Turning Wrenches / Re: dyna ignition coils
« Last post by thatguy on Today at 05:28:28 AM »
You can run a 3 ohm coil w/ballast resistor in a points set up.
General Chatter / Re: Rd350 AC caliper flange ?
« Last post by dalvipravin81 on Today at 03:25:32 AM »
Hey ,

Yes I also have gone through these steps but the challenge I had was I was unable to put the screw in the dam olive ... either the scre was soft or the olive metal is hard enough  :( so finally had to drill it out .. thankfully I had a spare caliper to try first before doing it on the working one ...

Also replaced the oil seals and the brake feels better .. only one thing remains is to bleed it from the caliper as I didn't have the small diameter transparent tube to attach to the bleed nozzle ... dont want to ruin the paint on fork bottoms or RIM :( will do that in cpl days !!

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