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Haus of Projects / Re: 1974 Yamaha AG (CT3) 175 cafe racer project
« Last post by nojoke2stroke on Today at 08:18:21 PM »
The bike sounds great.  Always wanted to build a 175... cool bikes
Turning Wrenches / Re: Broken stud
« Last post by jradnich on Today at 06:47:01 PM »
+1 on removing the cylinder. Also try putting a little heat to the stud near where it goes into the case. A propane torch should do it. Sometimes that will loosen things up esp if the studs have Loctite on them.
Turning Wrenches / Re: Broken stud
« Last post by SuperRat on Today at 06:37:44 PM »
 The stud goes into the engine case.   It may be worth your time to remove the cylinder and apply lots and lots of P-B blaster. I had one break off at the case on my wife's RD125. This can be a very slippery slope. One that may not end well.
Chuck- tried as you recommended above but kicker seems lazy in return. That is with about a 1/4 turn to position return spring tang. If the spring is supposed to wind 1 1/4 turns, is there a specific tool to use to make this task easy?
Turning Wrenches / Re: Broken stud
« Last post by motosapien87 on Today at 05:19:37 PM »
Check autozone or advanced autoparts for stud extraction tool, you can rent/loan them for free!
Good Luck!

General Chatter / Re: Help needed in Asheville NC area
« Last post by motosapien87 on Today at 05:16:16 PM »
Help found! thanks for reaching out!!!
General Chatter / Re: Lectrons
« Last post by mkane63t on Today at 04:16:13 PM »
  They are simple. My other option is to add power jets.
Turning Wrenches / Broken stud
« Last post by Acolytus on Today at 04:13:03 PM »
I was tightening the head bolts down on my GT80 and I over tightened one and the stud snapped :doh:. I took the other bolts off and took the head off and try to use vice grips to get it out, but it doesn't seem to have screws. Is there a bolt holding the stud from the bottom? If so, should I be able to take that stud out? Any help is appreciated.
Turning Wrenches / Re: Powder Coat vs. Paint
« Last post by 2stoked on Today at 02:29:15 PM »
Eastwood has a new single-stage chrome powder. I used it on quite a few parts for my bike. The initial finish is nice but not really chrome. I would describe it as polished aluminum with clear coat over it so it matched my silver excel wheels well. Not sure hoe it will stand the test of time. 
Turning Wrenches / Re: Cleaning or light resurfacing Aluminum
« Last post by 2stoked on Today at 02:16:47 PM »
+1 on the scotchbrite and WD. Use it all the time to clean boot scuffs off of my YZ frame. Makes it look new.
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